Heli boarding and heliskiing in the Elbrus Mountains (Caucasus, Russia)

We bring them into the beautiful Elbrus in the Caucasus region. Mt Elbrus is the highest peak in Europe (5642m)! This region is one of the best known in the Caucasus.

Geographic Information:

Prielbrusie the National Park is in the Baksan River valley, Kabardino-Balkaria Republic. It is close to Europe's highest peak, Mount Elbrus, with its 5642m.

Average snow depth: 1200 mm / year 
Highest peak: Mount Elbrus (5642m) 
Season: December to May 
Ski Area: Mt Cheget, Mt Elbrus 
Total number of runs: 93 
Vertical drop: 1000-3600m

Flight and ski trails in valleys and mountains: 
Adyl-Su gorge: Koyavganaush (3250m), Guchman (3330m), Bia-Tau (3200m) passes 
Ullukam gorge: Hotu-Tay (3400m), Troynoy (3250m), Hasankoy-Surulgen (3200m) pass 
Usengi gorge: Becho Lozhnyi (3150m), Kogutay (32400m) matching 
Azau gorge: Chiper-Azau (3000m), Azau (3100m), Eho Voyni (3000m) pass 
Mt Elbrus East Peak (5622m)

Program in the Elbrus Caucasus

Discover heliskiing and heli boarding in Prielbrusie. The snow lying here by the end of October to May and on Elbrus is snow all year round. Enjoy your stay in our hotel situated at an altitude higher than 2000m. The ski resorts in Mt Cheget Chairs go up to (3050m) and Elbrus where the cable cars go up to 3800 meters. Here it is possible another 1000 meters with the snowcat to go up!