Heli-skiing and Heliboarding in Alaska (Chilcat Valley)

Here on the Pacific coast there is the best snow for heliskiing. It is possible to ride in fat powder on runs over 45 degrees! Most descents have over 1000 altitudes some even over 2000 HM. Here is the heliboarding much better than in Valdez. If you want to make heliskiing in Valdez you need a lot of time. Here the weather is better as it is protected from the sea by the mountains like the St. Elias.

Sitka or Novo Archanglsk was the capitel of Alaska when it belongs to Russia 100 year ago.

 Temperatures are generally pleasant and well suited for skiing.
 They vary between -6 ° C and -14 ° Celsius. Sometimes it is possible that there are short showers, or until the thermometer drops to -28 ° Celsius. On average, bad weather keeps us half a day per week on the ground!

The snow: The annual snowfall at 1,400 meters above sea level is 15 - 20 meters, which results in an average snow depth of 4 meters.





The Snowconditions:Statistics show that while 80% of our season, the snow conditions are good to excellent. Be aware that the quality of skiing among the best that you have ever experienced and very difficult borderline and may fluctuate. Our guides are committed to making every day to find the best possible conditions.Gegebenheiten ausfindig zu machen.