Heli-skiing and heli boarding tours in Kyrgyzstan 2022

Heliskiing in Kyrgyzstan is cheaper in Canada or Russia. The weather is stable, but is less fresh powder like Kamchatka and Canada has much more powder dump. There are only a few days down in Kyrgyzstan when heliskiing.

An expedition to Central Asia where there is a drier snow in Canada. The remote region is Tyan-Shan (Chinese: "The Sky Mountain"). Here you meet other cultures and traditions of the inhabitants. It is possible to make short trips in the country.

Kyrgyzstan is an independent state in Central Asia. In the north it borders Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in the west.94% of the area to take a mountain. The Skiseason starts in December and lasts until April. The average snow depth is 1500 mm in the mountains. The weather is normally stable.In the mountains it is cold and the snow is very dry. In the mountains the year is over snow

The main area for Heliskiing is located near the glacier Ala-Archa, Ala Medin and goes to the West Karakol. In Kyrgyzstan, you can not just skiing in winter but also in summer. The hotel is 30 km from Bishkek, the capital, and from sea level to 1950 metersKy




Lets go Heli-Skiing / Heli-Boarding in Kyrgyzstan!

Don’t be surprised if you get blank stares from your friends who have never even
heard of Kyrgyzstan or Tien Shan Mountains .

KYrgyzstan is 94 % mountains in the area of Central Asia
a republic squeezed between China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
and Tajikistan offers up incredible natural beauty and pround
nomadic traditions that date back to many thousand years of history
and antiquity. The mountains a perfect playground for Heli-skiing and freeriding or ski-touring
With 34% of its land mass buried under permanent ice and snow
and 94% of total surface 1500 metersabovesealevel

Kyrgyzstan offers epic snow conditions for heli ski/board, cat skiing, backcountry touring months.
Another upside to heli-ski/board in Kyrgyzstan is that unlike other
heli-ski operations, wegive you a good shoot at getting a majority of fly days with
an average of 247 sunny days a year.

Welcome to Kyrgyzstan:
94% mountains and
100% Heliski and Freeide adventure!

Week starts from 3000 Euro