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  It includes 4 days of heli-skiing with the total drop of altitude 20000m. All ski areas are located in the south region near new mountain hotel "Barkhatnaya" located 60 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, in the valley of Verkhne-Paratunskie geysers. Fly and ski on one of volcano slopes: Viluchinskiy (1273m), Mutnovskiy (2323m), Gorelyi (1826m), Vochkazhec (1556m), Zhirovskiy (1125m). Skiing down to the Pacific Ocean shore or to the active volcano crater is also possible.  
  Typical Schedule
  1st day
  • arrival to the airport of Elizovo (30km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski);
  • accommodations in one of the mountain bases in Paratunka village area;
  • booking & reservation information check;
  • main instructions in safety measures, heli-ski rules etc;
  • free time and rest. t.
2nd-7th days
  • 9.00 am breakfast;
  • 10.30 am take-off to the heli-ski area, launch in the mountains;
  • 18.00 pm return to base;
  • 19.00 pm dinner; rest, hot springs
8th-9th days
These days are additional for the rest of in case of a bad weather. We offer you alternative recreation program (is not included to the price of the tour):
  • visit swimming pools at "Blue Laguna" Complex;
  • unique evening event at the national hut of aborigines;
  • tour to the Pacific Ocean shore;
  • night club life in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski;
  • alpine skiing at ski resorts (Krasnaya Sopka, Edel'veis, Moroznaya);
  • snow mobiles rental;
  • snow cats skiing (Avachinskiy Volcano).
10th day
  • departure to the airport.
  The program includes
  • meals (breakfast, launch, dinner)
  • accommodations in one of the mountain bases in Paratunka village area;
  • 4 days of heliboarding with 5 guaranteed runs every day. The total drop of altitude: 18000-25000m;
  • professional guides with the ratio of 1 guide for each 5 persons. 2 or more guides for one group;
  • all group transfers during the program;
  • avalanche sensors (transceivers).
  The program does not include
  • air tickets, all airport taxes;
  • ski, snowboard and other equipment rental fee;
  • emergency evacuation fee;
  • visa and other consular service;
  • individual transfers;
  • individual menu (drinks and meals not included to the group menu);
  • additional expenses caused by bad weather conditions, airport time-table changes, equipment breakage, illness etc;
  • luggage exceeding fee;
  • equipment repair service fee;
  • insurance.
  Program conditions
  • group must consist of 10 people minimum (otherwise the price increases);
  • the heli-ski routes are chosen by the guides and depend on the group riding level, weather and snow conditions;
  • the program is planned for good weather;
  • we will refund unused money in case of bad weather conditions or group danger;
  • we do not give money back to the client if the runs didn't happen because of other reasons, such as broken equipment, illness, late take-off or early landing, caused by the client;
  • you are required to have insurance.