Heliskiing & Heliboarding Freeride



Heli-skiing or heli boarding in Chile (Andes - Andes)

- A spectacular ski resort in South America.

Pristine slopes and endless descents finest Champagne Powder can beat the heli-skiing hearts racing.

The Southern Hemisphere in the Andes allowed the heli-skiing in the months of June to October. Thus, a good alternative to the traditional winter skiing. Due to the Pacific is located in the vicinity there is a sufficient quantity of the finest powder snow.

Our partner specializing in King helicopters and it operates successfully in its fifth season. It is only 1/12 hour drive from Santiago de Chile. From there you get to the far reaches of the Andes. An experienced team brings a more than two decades of experience in this region and hence a security guarantee and variety for guests.

Outdoor Hot Tub and Pool

Great emphasis is placed on Chilean tradition. The lodge is a good example. Owned by the locals it is lovingly cared for and can not miss a Mountain Lodge. With outdoor hot tub and swimming pool as well as fine cuisine, guests can relax from your busy day.

Mainly between the 32nd and 35th southern latitudes to the ski resorts like Aconcagua, Juncal and Rio Colorado valleys north and central location, the Olivares, Parraguirre Tupungato and valleys to the south and the aparejo, Marmolejo, Pangal, Rengo and Tinguiririca valleys. An endless terrain with steep ridges, glaciers and breathtaking scenery of mountains up to 6,700 meters high. The helicopter takes visitors to an altitude of 2,500 meters to 4,500 meters.