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Lodge im Schneetal Kamchatka

 innen lodge


Standard room (8 rooms that can be used for single, double, triple or 4-people accommodation) is about 12 sq.m. There are 2 single beds, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and a table. Single beds can be changed by junk beds to accommodate 4 people in a room. The rooms does not have individual toilets, toilet and shower rooms are located on every store.


“Deluxe” room (1 room for 1 person or a couple) is 20 sq.m. and has a queen bed, bed-side tables, satellite TV, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a table and chairs. The rooms does not have individual toilets, toilet and shower rooms are located on the store.


VIP cottage is a 2-stored house of 100 sq.m. There are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a drawing room, a kitchen with all necessary equipment. There are satellite TVs in every bedroom and drawing room, there is also a fireplace. You will enjoy cozy home atmosphere created by a professional designer.


Inner-supply conditions

Heating and water-supply is autonomous. Hot and cold water is provided permanently. Toilet and shower rooms are equipped with warm floors. There are 220V sockets in the rooms. For your convenience we recommend to have a flashlight or you can take it at the reception.

Cellular coverage

The quality of mobile signals depends on the operator. The users of Megaphone can be sure of 100% quality, MTS works a little bit worse, Beeline has the worst connection. Internet is provided by means of satellites, the owners of wifi notebooks can use Internet in any place of the territory.


All the buildings are provided with fire safety system. They are also built to stand earthquakes (10 point seismic stability scale). Power supply is secured by a reserve electro station. There is also a first-aid set on the territory of the base.