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Tel. 43 664 422 16 21
Fax 43 7746 28206
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  Who we are?
  We are a proffesional team from austrian and russian people for freeriding who can offer most fun with the highest level of security.  
  What kind of Fitness Training can I do to prepare for my ski vacation?
  We attempt to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle year round. Our summer training includes bike riding, stretching, and light weight training with high repetitions. As well as, exercise that helps develop strength and balance such as yoga or pilates. Following are a few things to prepare yourself before arriving: get involved in an exercise or fitness program, ski some full days at a winter resort, take a lesson for a tune-up on your ski technique.  
  What type of skier should I be?
  Skiers must be at minimum a strong intermediate skier capable of dealing with the challenges presented by deep snow, helicopter transportation and backcountry skiing. Should guests arrive who are unable to satisfy these criteria, we reserve the right to restrict them from skiing. No refunds will be given to these guests.  
  How Should I Dress?
  A ski suit with room for several layers underneath is best for powder. Bring along a fanny pack or small backpack to hold any extra items you may need. Nothing can be left in the helicopter while you are skiing. The helicopter is heated for your comfort. Dress as you would for a sub-zero day at a ski resort.  
  How much skiing per day?
  We average approximately 5-10 runs per day. This is determined by snow conditions, weather, and the ability of the skiers. We try to maximize your enjoyment and skiing time on excellent weather days.  
  Do you have to ski all day?
  No. The helicopter refuels two to three times per day. If your guide and pilot can coordinate your flight out with the fuel run we will gladly take you back to the lodge. Please advise your guide in advance if you wish to ski a partial day.  
  How is the criminal situation? How secure is the area?
  CRIMINAL situation. Criminal situation in Elbrus region is almost the same, as all over in Russia. If to follow all guides recommendation - criminal risk could be reduced to Zero.  
  Which Helicopters in use?
  Helicopter model Mi-8 MTV - is one of the best, safe model for heli-skiing in Caucasus. It takes the group of about 20 persons during normal heli-skiing program and up to 10 persons, when we land on the summit of Elbrus peak.
The pilot team we are flying with - is the most experienced one in Caucasus region. We have spent with them more then 7 years during heli-skiing programs and also extreme rescue works, that are guides also took part a lot. They know all landing places for helicopter for our heli-skiing programs. They know weather conditions, wind dirrection and speed, that could be reasonably good for landing to be safe. If the Pilot says - "No way" - it means - NO WAY!!! and if he rejects to fly - he resuces your life.
  Which infos we need for visa?
  In order to send you visa support we need to know -
1. Family Name.
First Name.
Sex - Male or Female.
Date of Birth
Passport No___
Expiration Date:

After we get this information we send you Invitation Confirmation and Voucher via fax or E-mail.
To get Visa you can go to Russian Consulatee or Embasy, declared Invitation and Voucher.
Pls, specify, if the group you are coming with will get Visa separately (each person will get his Visa) or it will be taken as one group.

  Our professional mountain guides have many years' experience in our freeriding areas and in heliskiing!  
Heli-ski or heliboarding -means to fly on the mountains, to land on the top by helicopter and going down in powder snow by skiers/snowboarders. We have experienced heli-ski guides, professional pilots of MI-8 MTB helicopters, new mountains and breath-taking runs, guarantee of safety standards observance and a good opportunity to have a wonderful trip!